Build your Inner Intelligence by:

Solving your health puzzle.
Healing on a deeper level.
Feeling good in your healthy body.

You're Here...

  • You're actively seeking resolution to your health struggles. You want the change!

  • You've explored options. You've researched online, sampled methods of the Western medical model, tried alternative medicine methods and opened your mind to new ways of being in touch with your body through the process.

  • Along the ride, you've realized two things. One, that quick fixes, cookie-cutter protocols and band-aid methods just don't cut it. Two, it's essential to commit to really solve the puzzle and feel good again.

  • You're ready to do something different. You know you don't want to the way you feel now and you're looking for someone who can help guide the way.

a pin pinpoint
a pin pinpoint

Welcome! I'm Kendra.

Detective, Body Geek and Trusted Health Guide.

a woman in a white tank top and pants
a woman in a white tank top and pants

I'm a university-trained Athletic Therapist from Canada. I work with people to help them understand their health problems and work alongside them to holistically transform their well-being.

I call this process building inner intelligence because I believe that people should begin their health process with knowledge and awareness about why they are struggling. From there we map out what to do and take action!

Oftentimes my clients call me a master detective because I sit with them and actively listen to their life story, their goals and their symptoms creating a completely unique personalized health path that suits each individual to meet them where they are at.

I specialize in problem solving, nervous system rewiring, functional movement and lymphatic detoxing. I have a decade of experience working with body pain, digestive issues, stress and women's health challenges.

This is no woo-woo treatment journey. It's grounded in awareness, rooted in process-oriented action and the end result is confidence, empowerment and an integrative way of being in touch with your body and mind. All of these positive outcomes come from facing your health struggles that previously brought confusion, frustration and fear and having a trusted health guide to help you through the journey.

Build Your Inner Intelligence.

Transform the way you think, feel and act by working with your:

•Life Story & Experiences

•Symptoms & Pain

•Needs & Desires

a green leafy plant
a green leafy plant

Commonly Treated Health Concerns

Body Pains & Discomfort

Muscle Imbalances, Joint and Spine Pain, Tendinitis & Bursitis, Neurological Symptoms, Sport, Accident & Activity Related Issues and Postural Issues including Scoliosis.

Women's Health

Pelvic Floor, Incontinence, Hormonal Dysregulation, Abdominal Pain, Hot Flashes, Menopause, etc.

Digestive Health

Bloating, Irregular Bowel Movements, Food Intolerances, Acid Reflux, etc.

Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

Fatigue, Burnout, Exhaustion, Reactivity, Rumination, Worry, Poor Sleep, Brain Fog, Overactive Mind etc.

A Woman's Explant & Other Scar Healing Journey

A profound healing journey that comes after surgery, which includes full integration of body, mind and soul

a woman sitting on a beach with her legs crossed
a woman sitting on a beach with her legs crossed

Using 3 Pillars During
the Process:




Applying The Following Modalities:

Nervous System Rewiring

• Functional Movement

• Lymphatic Detoxing

• Scar & Trauma Healing

• Hands-On Therapies

• Exercise Prescription

• Applied Kinesiology

• Joint Mobilization

a woman running through the ocean with her hair in the wind
a woman running through the ocean with her hair in the wind

I work with people who have been unable to find answers &/or results to healing their symptoms despite their sincere efforts.

"Before seeing Kendra I had to wear orthotics. She taught me how to move properly through my feet and with my whole body. After seeing her I have never had to use orthotics again and my knee pain is gone. I really valued Kendra's mindful, holistic approach and calm vibe."

- Emma H.

"I continue to be astounded by Kendra's ability to translate my information into a discovery path that reveals body blockages. From there, she always knows which action steps will work for ultimate healing. There is profound wisdom in the way that Kendra works, rare and delightful!"

-Sue P.

Here's What Some of Kendra's Clients Say:

Kendra is a calm, skilled, inspirational leader who doesn’t rely on her own ego to motivate her clients. She is curious about how you move and is the only person who has instilled in me lasting changes I can make to benefit my body.”

- Pat E.

Kendra’s lovely personality, reassurance, and detailed spot-on exercise homework after each session dramatically improved my pains and sufferings. Her explanations made such perfect sense that I felt motivated to get better.

- Ivana C.

Building Inner Intelligence Case Studies:

A Woman With Digestive Issues...

Imagine a woman who has been struggling with digestive issues for years.

She's followed the advice, gone gluten/dairy-free, and upgraded the quality of what they eat. She's worked hard to be more conscious not to eat in front of a screen and modified her portions and eating times. She's done all the things!

However, she still does not feel good. There's still bloating, sluggish digestion, brain fog and physical aches and pains.

The woman is frustrated because she's followed the rules and sacrificed eating the food she wants when she's out with family and friends, and she feels no closer to solving her problem.

Building Inner intelligence is about considering her life story, needs and goals.

What has been ignored on her medical intake forms is that she's had two c-sections and hasn't felt the same since both physically or emotionally. She gets chronic back pain and doesn't like how her body looks. She admits that her drive for exercise and healthy eating is because she doesn't like how she looks.

Why doesn't the diet change fully support the transformation she desires?

Firstly, this driver is incongruous with authentic transformation. We can't heal from a place of hate or disgust. We also can't just use positive affirmations, telling ourselves to love ourselves. We need to go deeper. Secondly, scar tissue can impede the digestive system and create instability in the low back.

This journey begins with making sense of her life story, understanding her actual needs and building inner confidence, which means feeling into what her body does and does not like while simultaneously doing the physical therapeutics and inner work. She now feels more at ease and relaxed by building her inner intelligence because she has healed her leaky gut; she can now eat the foods she wants and no longer has brain fog!

a woman in a yellow tank top and a wooden bench
a woman in a yellow tank top and a wooden bench

This process is about knowledge, awareness and action in 3 areas: Pain and symptoms. Needs and desires. Life story and experiences.

Unknown Cause of Persistent Pelvic Pain...

Sometimes you can have seemingly random symptoms pop up in your body. If it's in an area in the body like the pelvis, it can create confusion.

Is it due to my cycle?

Is it muscular?

Is my pelvis out of alignment?

Could it be from past trauma?

Imagine searching through all sorts of different therapies. This woman did, and her pain improved temporarily by going to Pilates consistently and sticking to a more consistent routine to regulate stress, but the pelvic pain kept returning.

We need a holistic, integrative lens, especially when the symptoms seem random.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that her pelvic pain didn't just pop up one day. There were a series of psycho-emotional events, including the death of a parent and a massive increase in responsibility at her job. These events were tied back to an energetic quality that she had experienced when she was younger, having too much responsibility as a child because of her parent's divorce.

All her efforts were creating positive change in her life; more exercise, more regularity, but it wasn't dealing with the origin or at a depth for authentic transformation.

Building inner intelligence is about considering your life story, needs and goals.

When you build inner intelligence, you stop wasting time and energy working at a more surface level. You also start integrating your life story into the fabric of your transformation, which gives you confidence in your ability to heal.

Her health journey towards building inner intelligence began with simplifying, including understanding what's happening, then getting in touch with what she's feeling in her body and how that relates to her life story. This process of building a relationship with her body brings in a sense of ease through restructuring her body, mind and energy, leading to a pain-free life.

a woman with a curly afro hairs and a white top
a woman with a curly afro hairs and a white top