Kendra Toothill

a woman in a pink tank top and jeans shorts
a woman in a pink tank top and jeans shorts

Hey! I'm Kendra. I've been a daring trailblazer in my profession since graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, with a Bachelor of Science. I've carried professional titles such as Athletic Therapist/Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach and more playful ones like movement and neuro-nerd, master detective, scar expert and body whisperer. My curiosity about the human body and the healing process has taken me to many beautiful places.

From owning a clinic in Edmonton to ice rinks and long bus rides with university women's hockey, to doctors' offices in the farming fields of Canada, to a home clinic in a quaint village in the UK, to the rugby pitches in the Great Canadian Rockies, to a multi-disciplinary clinic in the suburbs of Denver, from the corporate world to the public school system; I was on a ravenous pursuit of excellence since certifying as an Athletic Therapist over a decade ago. Then, finally, I bumped up into my limit, launching me into my own healing journey.

By 2016, my intense accomplishing energy and strong driving desire to discover the hidden secrets of the body had severely depleted my physical and mental health. Even though I was successful, I was burning the candle at both ends, which brought on a slew of health problems such as chronic pain, digestive issues, anxieties, hormonal irregularities and a deep dissatisfaction with life. This dissatisfaction sparked my health and healing journey, which has brought me great firsthand learning experiences about what my clients go through and what it takes to transform your well-being.

Another gift of this time was my deep dive down the rabbit hole of the nervous system. Seeking answers for my clients and my own healing, I explored how effectively treating the nervous system brought significant, lasting changes. Through hundreds of hours of continuing education, I uncovered the building blocks for root-cause healing. I also made an important discovery: scars are goldmines with substantial healing potential. This is now a huge part of my life's work; if you're interested, see some of my recent podcasts and webinars here.

Most recently, I divide my time up between Uvita, Costa Rica and Austin, Texas. My life has changed a lot in the past three years and is much more oriented towards appreciating the simple joys of life. I love being in nature, spending time with like-minded communities, and dedicating my time to two important areas: cultivating my health and energy along with guiding people through their own health and healing journeys.

Degrees & Professional Certifications & Areas of Deep Study

B.Sc. Exercise Science: Specialization in Athletic Therapy
CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist (Canada)
ATC - Certified Athletic Trainer (USA)
CSCS - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
CYT - Certified Yoga Teacher
BMI & CMI - British & Canadian Mindfulness Institute Practitioner

P-DTR - Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex
NKT - NeuroKinetic Therapy
AiM - Anatomy in Motion®
PRI - Postural Restoration Institute
FMS - Functional Movement Screen
Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga
Billings Ovulation Method®

Other Projects